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20 Photos That Prove Pets Are Becoming More and More Like Their Owners Every Day

There is some truth in the fact that pets and their owners eventually start to share similar personality traits over time. Sometimes, our little friends take off their “animal” disguise and start to demonstrate some “human-like” behavior. All we need to do is to capture these funny moments on camera. We at Roziny put together 20 hilarious pictures where pets look so much like their owners, it made us smile and be suspicious all at the same time.

20. “This is how my fiancé and our cat sleep.”

19. “He thinks he’s human and that he should behave properly.”

18. Tomatoes are this turtle’s favorite dish.

17. Best friends

16. These cats are dressed for the rain.

15. Gimme 5!

14. He also wants to say “Yes!”

13. Cheese!

12. Dogs can drive too.

11. “Even my dog admires the views of Switzerland.”

10. So far, they suspect nothing.

9. When you have your own personal seat, helmet, and aviator goggles:

8. “They decided to dress up my dog at the grooming salon.”

7. Fitness is good for everyone.

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6. They saw a squirrel.

5. “This is a picture of my dog and my daughter dressed like my dog.”

4. “My one-year-old daughter and the most tolerant cat in the world”

3. “My daughter Charlotte and her protector, Hoagie. It seems they both love sitting the same way.”

2. “My friend’s cat is sitting by the fireplace like he’s a human.”

1. “She likes to listen to slow rock ballads during thunderstorms.”

Do you have photographs where your pets are “humanized”? Preview photo credit woof_woof_mf / Reddit

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