7 home remedies to treat dry eye syndrome

Dry eyes may occur when tears do not evaporate fast enough, or when the eyes make fewer tears than usual. It's quite common in humans, and in some species of animals. It can cause irritation, itching and sometimes burning, which can be particularly noticeable at night. Scientific studies reveal that the majority of dryness in the eyes is actually the result of irritation. The majority of the people surveyed reported that their eyes were itching, burning or red. In many cases, the symptoms were so acute that the people wearing contact lenses became extremely uncomfortable. That's what makes home remedies so attractive - they're more convenient than lenses, and they do not have the side effects.

1. Oatmeal

To treat dry eyes, you simply need a solution that contains a mild oatmeal base. Mix it with some water, lie down and put it on your closed eyes. Wait for 5-10min and wash. You can use this base, along with other ingredients, to heal dry eyes. This home remedy works to relieve the itching, burning and irritation caused by dryness.