How to eat more

When people think about how to eat more food, the idea of throwing something healthy at every meal is often brushed aside as too fattening. But in reality, the benefits of eating more healthy food are numerous. The bad news is that cooking with excess fat is tedious! Not only is excess fat delicious but because there are so many types and forms of fat available to choose from, it makes a world of difference when it comes to preparing meals. Instead of throwing away the dressing or skipping the butter, it is time to embrace the olive oil and get into the habit of adding it to your favorite recipes. Instead of forgo the salad dressing, skimp on the dressing, or pass up the olive oil, just go ahead and eat some extra virgin olive oil. If you have to make a salad, add it a half a cup of the extra virgin oil instead of the full cup that usually goes into the typical dressing. You can add this oil to your salad dressing after your children have left to go to bed, and serve it cold for breakfast instead of having it warmed up. For chicken, you can cook with extra virgin olive oil without worrying about over-seasoning it. Add it at the same time that you brown the meat. As for beef, simply cook it until the meat is tender all the way through. Then add your extra virgin olive oil to cook it through. Instead of using the traditional butter to cook with, use extra virgin olive oil for your spreads. You can put it on breads, cakes, and even biscuits. It will give you a great flavor and the texture is very similar to that of butter, making it an easy addition to any recipe that you can think of. You will be surprised to learn that extra virgin olive oil can even be used on ice cream. because it does not melt like traditional butter does!

The key to eating more healthy is to eat what is naturally better for you. There are plenty of options for vegetables in your kitchen that are far healthier than you might think. By choosing whole wheat, whole grain, or brown rice pasta, you are eliminating many of the additives that can be found in processed foods and adding fresh ingredients to your diet that are actually better for you. Fresh fruits and vegetables that have been handpicked and then chilled are a great way to incorporate fresh ingredients into your meals. While fruits may seem boring, they are full of antioxidants and vitamin E, and you can eat them without sacrificing taste. Try to eat more salads and less snacks, because that is where the high calorie snack foods can sneak up on you if you do not watch what you are consuming. Instead of having chips and soda pop every night, consider having yogurt or fresh fruit mixed in with your yogurt shakes. There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate fresh, natural, healthy, organic produce into your diet, even if you do not necessarily like to make your own juice. Eating healthier does not mean you have to stop there. By choosing to buy organic fruits and vegetables instead of the processed alternatives, you can get the same vitamins and nutrients without the extra costs of buying them in bulk. You can also use extra virgin olive oil to cook with as well. Cooking with this vegetable oil is an easy way to dress up your food and save money while enjoying a healthier, tastier meal.